Attach importance to humanistic care, treat employees as family members.

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of enterprises, the construction of enterprise culture has become the goal of managers. The reason why corporate culture is the symbol of intangible assets of an enterprise is that it contains an important content -- humanistic care for employees. The eternal pursuit theory of enterprise survival and development includes: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, investor (shareholder) satisfaction, social satisfaction. It can be seen that the internal humanistic care of enterprises has become the key to the development of enterprises.

Since the establishment of Bincheng in 2012, the company's leaders have been adhering to a point of view: regarding employees as family members, the company has been people-oriented for a long time, care and care, urgent for employees, think what employees think. "The company achieved its results through unity and innovation." In the opinion of General Manager Bincheng Wang, without innovation, there would be no market, and without a team of like-minded people and a good working atmosphere, there would be no remarkable achievements of the company. "Unity, diligence, realism and innovation" is not only the tenet of Bincheng Company, but also an important factor to generate cohesion.

Under the leadership of the company, Penn hopes are considered as early as 2016 high-tech enterprises, has won the recognition of hi-tech enterprises in 2019, again through the previous series of scrutiny the recognition of hi-tech enterprises in guangdong province, was awarded the by guangdong science and technology department, financial department of guangdong province, the state administration of taxation, tax bureau, guangdong province, "high-tech enterprise certificate" issued by the joint. As one of the highest honors of China's high-tech enterprises, the national high-tech enterprise identification standard is very strict, which has high requirements on innovation, growth, r&d investment, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements and high-tech income. Again to obtain national recognition of hi-tech enterprises, our company in the industry innovation, with the core independent intellectual property rights, etc have achieved good development results, in June 2020 received praise: for at or above the provincial level high-tech enterprises, the development potential and good growth of small and medium-sized enterprises such as eligible enterprises, their management and technical personnel children in addition to system application by into compulsory education schools, can be evaluated integratedly (park) education department according to the distribution of index number to arrange public schools in compulsory education stage, students enjoy the city's household registration. With the unremitting efforts of his colleagues, Bin Cheng obtained the target that the children of enterprise talents in Houjie Town can be admitted to public schools for free in 2020, which solves the problem of "children's enrollment" for employees in need.

"We regard the company as our home, and for the long-term development of the company, it is worthwhile to work hard occasionally." Ms. Yang of the engineering department said that since she joined the company in 2016, the leadership of the company has treated herself as a family member and friend. Now she also brings her family members and children to feel the atmosphere of the company's big family.

Understand the key points and difficult problems of employees, and care about their sufferings. In the development of work, we must move to emotion, reasoning, action, heart, so the company also carries out safety training, birthday, holidays to send warmth to employees, employees often have to contact with their families, filial first...

 Bincheng has been using practical actions to solve the "worries at home" of employees, to maximize the happiness and sense of belonging of employees, so that employees can feel the warmth of the company, so that employees can feel at ease with Bincheng, forge ahead!!

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