The function and influence of Lead wire (speaker wire) in voice coil and speaker

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The loudspeaker of the traditional mechanism is connected with the terminal (terminal board) and the voice coil by the Lead wire (speaker conductor) to transmit audio signals and thus push the loudspeaker vibration system to produce sound.

1. Indirect lead line: the speaker assembly should be connected with additional lead or  Lead   wire.

2.Direct lead line: no lead is added to the loudspeaker, but directly leads from the voice coil.

Requirements for wire conductors in high power speakers

(1) Avoid skipping rope

(2) High temperature resistance

(3) Excellent damping performance

(4) Reduce the amplitude

(5) Good fatigue resistance

(6) Suitable for speakers with narrow space design (horizontal outlet)

The voice coil is the central core of the speaker. It is the main part of the speaker and also the heart of the speaker. It will affect the performance of the speaker's sound pressure frequency characteristic, and the impedance curve, distortion, timbre and so on a series of problems, so the speaker pronunciation is to rely on the vibration of the voice coil, turn electrical signals into corresponding mechanical vibration through the radiator cause the fluctuation of ambient air medium, so as to realize sound electric - magnetic force - transformation.

The voice coil is the heart of the speaker, and the Lead  wire  is the artery between the voice coil and the speaker.

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