Keep the contract and keep the credit

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The development of human history to today, the word "credit" has contained extremely rich connotation.


Credit is the trust that can fulfill a promise, and credit is the trust and honesty accumulated over a long time. It is also a positive record of our past commitments, a kind of performance art, a behavior management model that everyone can try and self-manage.

Since bincheng was established in 2012, the company's leaders have been adhering to the business philosophy of integrity and high quality.

General manager Wang has been regarding the product as Bincheng's flesh and blood, regarding the good faith, the credit as Bincheng's life! He said: without the support of life how to flesh and blood!

In the view of deputy general manager Liu: people do not stand without trust, things can not be done without trust. She believes that credit is rare and easy to lose. The credit accumulated over the years is often lost due to words, deeds and negligence. Therefore, she attaches great importance to abiding by the contract and valuing the credit. She must perform all the contracts on time.

Under the leadership of the company, Bincheng established the "Contract Management Department" in 2018. Relevant personnel earnestly studied and implemented the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and relevant regulations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company in accordance with the law. Formulate and revise the contract management system and methods of the company, organize and implement the contract management. In June 2019, the company was awarded the certificate of "Abiding by contract and Honoring Credit" in Guangdong Province in 2018.

In 2019, all personnel of the Contract Management Department will make unremitting efforts to study, publicize and train the contract law and other laws and regulations, supervise and inspect the signing and performance of the contract of the company, make careful statistics and analysis of the receivables and payables related to the contract, and properly file and keep relevant materials. In June 2020, it was evaluated as "Guangdong Province enterprise" by "Dongguan Market Supervision Administration" again.

Faithful words and honest deeds, will be convinced by the people in the world.

Bincheng in the future days will as always "keep the contract and credit"!

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