The ten Essence of positive energy

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1. Reservations

Arguing too much is neither good nor good. In general, one should not be too eager to express one's attitude or opinion, leaving people uncertain. A prudent silence is a prudent avoidance.

2. know yourself

Promote your most outstanding gifts and nurture the rest. As long as you know your own advantages, and grasp it, all people will be in something prominent.

3. never exaggerate

Exaggeration is harmful to the truth and makes people doubt your opinion. The shrewd man restrains himself, shows caution, speaks concisely and never exaggerates. Overestimating yourself is a form of lying. It can damage your reputation and have a very bad effect on your relationships. To the detriment of your elegance and your intelligence.

4. adapt to the environment

Survival of the fittest, don't spend too much energy on chores, and maintain good relationships with colleagues. Don't show off every day, or others will get bored with you. People must always be made to feel something new. People who show a little each day keep expectations up and don't bury your talents.

5.From each other

Learn from others' strengths and make up for your own weaknesses. In the communication with friends, we should treat everyone with modesty and friendly attitude. Treat your friends as teachers. Combine useful learning with humorous words. What you say will be praised, and what you hear will be learned.

6.concise and comprehensive

Brevity makes one happy, one happy, one receptive. Tedious talk, rong, is a drag on others, a delay in their time, vagueness and irksome, and you would fail to accomplish your purpose. A clear, concise tone will definitely get you twice the result with half the effort.

7.Never be conceited

Always talk about your strengths and show off your strengths in front of others. It makes you look down on others and up on yourself. The effect is to make others think less of you.

8.Never complain

Complaining will make you lose credit. When you don't succeed in what you do, have the courage to admit your shortcomings and strive to make things as perfect as possible. Moderate self-criticism will not make people think less of you. On the contrary, focusing on objective reasons and complaining about this and that will only make people think less of you.

9.Don't tell lies or break promises

If you lie to your friends and colleagues, you will lose their trust and they will no longer trust you, which is the biggest loss for you. To avoid boasting, say what you can do rather than say what you can't do.

It is easy to think of poverty when wealth is abundant. A wise man prepares for winter. Make lots of friends. Maintain good relationships with friends and colleagues, and one day you will value things and people that don't seem to matter right now.

A man is as good as water

Be gentle and modest. Act like water. Be honest and practical. Be like a mountain.

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