Company History


With a strong sense of national responsibility, Dongguan Bincheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Guangdong, Dongguan, on 2012. China's loudspeaker wire and copper tinsel wire industry took off .


In 2015, Bincheng company was moved into the new factory of second generation that covers an area of 4200 square meters.As a potential Chinese company of speaker lead wire and copper tinsel wire in cable industry,Bincheng started to stand out.


In 2016, Our company was appraised by the people's government of Houjie Town in Dongguan as an unit of advanced scientific and technological work. 

In 2016, December Bincheng was assessed as a high-tech enterprise. In December, a total of  three kinds of products of our company were rated as Guangdong high-tech products. 

In April 2016,The utility model patents on a total of 3 kinds of product were granted to our company, and the patent numbers were: 

ZL 2015 2 0949301.9    ZL 2015 2 0949298.0    ZL 2015 2 0949296.1 

ZL 2015 2 0949279.8    ZL 2015 2 0948439.7    ZL 2015 2 0948456.0 


In April 2017, the utility model patents on a total of 3 kinds of product were granted to our company , and the number of these patents were: 

ZL 2015 2 0752343.8    ZL 2015 2 0748985.0    ZL 2016 2 0748983.1 

April 2017, ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO9001:2015

 Bincheng passed certification of quality management system .


In September 2017, the invention patent on a self developed product was granted to Bincheng. The patent number is ZL 201520904045.6. 

In December 2017, 6 kinds of products were rated as Guangdong high-tech products. 

Bincheng hired Guangdong Hanjie law firm as a permanent legal adviser in December 2017 


In May 2018,Bincheng  successfully completed the replacement work for ISO-IATF16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015.


In June 2018 :ISO/14001:2005 .Bincheng passed environmental management system certification.


In June 2018 Bincheng applied for the Certification of Intellectual Property Management System


In the July of 2018, the utility model patent on a product were granted to Bincheng.The patent number is No. ZL 2017 2 159352.2.


Bincheng reached standard of Green Factory in August 2018 .


In September of 2018, Bincheng recieved a utility models patent on one kind of product.The number of the product is No. ZL 2017 2 0748159.0


In  November  2018, the utility patents on a total of 3 kinds of product were granted to Bincheng, and the patent numbers were:

ZL 2018 2 0624284.5     ZL 2018 2 064338.8     ZL 2018 2 0624351.3


In 9th November 2018,Bincheng got Pollutant Discharge Permit of Guangdong Province


In December 2018,the utility model patents of a total of 3 kinds of product were granted to Bincheng , and the patents number were:

ZL 2018 2 0624285.X    ZL 2018 2 0624336.9 ZL 20172084207.0 


In December 2018 9 kinds of product were assessed as Guangdong High-tech products.



21st in January 2019 Bincheng was awarded trademark registration certificate.


In March 2019 Bincheng hired Guangdong Junxi law firm as a permanent legal adviser.


5th April 2019 Bincheng passed GB/T 29490-2013 Intellectual Property Management System Certification.


In June 2019 Bincheng was awarded by Guangdong Province as the Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit.

In July 2019 Bincheng set up the Contingency Plan For The Accident Of Production Safety

In November 2019 Became a full member of China Electronic Audio Industry Association

In December 2019 Passed the review of "high-tech enterprises",Obtained the "high-tech enterprise certificate"

 In December 2019,the utility model patents of a total of 3 kinds of product were granted to Bincheng , and the patents number were:

ZL201920511556.5 ZL201920511261.8 ZL201920510632.0

In December 2019, three products were rated as guangdong high-tech products.


In April 2020, it was rated as "technology-based smes".

In June 2020, it was evaluated again as a "trustworthy enterprise in Guangdong Province".


The future, more wonderful to continue...

Address: Dongguan City, Houjie Town, three tuun Industrial Zone West Ring Road on the west ring road link to the 2 building B Building Technology Park: 0769-85598835 0769-83068076 

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