Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

Quality policy:
We are guided by the quality policy of "customer and service in first place, comprehensive quality control, continuously improve ourselves and continuously satisfy our customers" , and the quality policy is formulated in combination with the vision, mission and value of our company to guide the development of various work of our company and to provide high-quality, effective, safe and considerate service to our customers. The quality work is based on our company, facing the market, reflecting our company’s style of "treating our customers with professional attitude, serving our customers with professional skills, and moving our customers with professional spirit" .

Environmental policy / policy:
Bincheng Electronics Co., Ltd. participates in environmental protection with the idea of running an enterprise that our company should coexist with and protect the earth environment. Through the implementation of various management programs to achieve these goals, and minimize the bad effect of activities,production and services on environment. Our company is committed to complying with the following policies / policies:
Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
Continuous improvement
Prevention of pollution
Reduce environmental load
Symbiose with regional environment

Over the past eight years, Bincheng Electronic Development Department has earned a good reputation by adopting the latest industry technology, rigorous testing procedures and quality control. So we are proud to offer products that have been tested to be above the peer standards, and we have created new and strict testing techniques, as well as specially customized testing devices to increase our company's advantages!

 In addition, our patented products have been registered domestically and ensure the use of intellectual property rights, which provide our customers with an absolute protected technical advantage. Therefore, compared with competitors, the wire products provided by Bincheng electronics have absolute advantages in the quality of tangible wire (flexibility, structure, strength, heat-resistance) and intangible patent protection over our competitors.

Bincheng Electronics sincerely hopes to apply our professional products to your products to further improve product quality and meet the expectations of your customers. Our "overall solution" can not only save you time and resource integration, but also let your designers and engineers find the best products, designs and methods to meet your unique needs.

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