3C Products

③3C Products


·  Cell phone/Tablet PC/Laptop



External signalUSB3.1 Type C


·  Television/Monitor 


Backlight Module : General Electronic wire Internal signal
External signalUSB3.1 Type C/Thunderbolt 3 Cable 


·  Music cable 


The combination patterns of different raw materials and wires of different kinds of construction make it possible to create unlimited kinds of sound.It will greatly optimize the overall music performance if one kind of music playing wire is combined with suitable playing device.Thus your product won’t perform perfectly without a right kind of wire.Consideration of the cost can be another reason for you to change the music playing wire for it’s better to change your wire instead of spending much more money in the research and development of amplifier or music playing device because it may optimize the performance of your music playing device to a relatively larger extent.In a word,try the music playing wire recommended by Bincheng,which will be a great way to save you money and a good choice of replacement.And we truly believe that you will like the new music performance of the speaker.  

·  Microphone cable  

Bincheng offers various raw materials and constructions of cable to customize the microphone according to your requirement, so no matter if it is for the handheld microphone or the tiny invisible headset microphone, simply let us know what you are looking for and we have every kind of wire you need.

·  Headphone cable  

The value of headphones cable has always been neglected in the headphones manufacturing processes, and just like the high end Hi Fi speaker cables, one simple modification of the cable structure or raw materials can make the sound performance differ significantly. With Bincheng's headphone cables, under the same ear piece, you will hear the sound that you never heard before.

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