Medical Cable

②Medical Cable

For the quality of medical cable is critical to the safety of patient thus medical cables should be of best quality with zero tolerance for error, Bincheng only applies the best copper tinsel wire conductors to our medical cables for best performances in medical treatment. 
All of our medical cables have been rigorously tested to make sure they have the best flexibility, metal fatigue resistance, and abrasion resistacne. The insulation of the cable is of medical level and it makes the cable able to withstand corrosionoxidation and make it have heat-resistance and flame-retardance and self-quenching ability. Because we understand the situation is not stable in an accidence, and only with the best cables can the medical performance of the products be ensured.

·  ECG / EKG cable


Bincheng offers the ECG cables that doesn’t need simple tin soldering without extra crimping process and that can be directly soldered to the ECG button.And the solder connection between the conductor and ECG button have tensile strength so the connection can withstand the force of over 40 lbs applied to it and considering the environment protection it is designed to be able to be tin soldered without lead . Binchegn offers customization service to design ECG cable according to your need.


·  EEG cable 


When we design the cables ,we not only make the cables that meets our customers’ need of specifications,we also take into consideration the terminal users ’s feelings.When patients wear the EEG cap with dozens of cables on their heads, we believe they wouldn't feel comfortable if the cables are stiff and heavy. That is why while the cables are practical the dimension of the EEG cables we design are extreme small with light weight, and with silica gel added in insulations it gives great flexibility and bending endurance to it.One of our most representative EEG cable’s OD is about 0.7mm but it can withstand at least 8.8lb of forces applied to it while it has extreme bending endurance. So please feel free to contact us for any inquiry  to ensure the comfort of your patients with our soft, light EEG cables.Thus we recommend you to get rid of traditional hard thick EEG cables and try our EEG cables. 


·  Flat ribbon cable for medical use 


The dimension of the flat ribbon cables we make is smaller than that made by other manufacturers and yet the cables we make still retain its great bending endurance with great damping ability. it also has lower impedance than the flat ribbon cable manufactured by other cable producers.


·  Other medical cable 


We are also supplying medical cables of specifications customized according to our clients’s requirement, and if you didn’t see the medical cable you are looking for, please send us your inquiry and our representative will offer help to you. 
- Carbon cable
- Sensor cable
- Endoscope cable 
- Cable for portable or stationed biofeedback system

- Medical machinery cable 

All our products can be customized base on customer’s requests. Please send us inquiry for the particular type of medical cable you are looking for.

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