Product Name:Multi-strand parallelly wrapping lead wire (the king of tweeter)
材质:Parallel and winding wires (the king of the soprano)
Bincheng provides speaker lead wire of excellent quality in your industry, we have over 8 years of rich experience of different kinds of speaker wire and many extreme conditions in which speaker lead wire is used and we know in such situation what might happen to the lead wire.Thus we are confident to be able to solve any problems about speaker lead wire and we are able to recommend you the best speaker wire that is suitable for you.

Product description:




Tweeter speaker lead wire:



Because the tweeter produces a high frequency sound,this inconspicuous tweeter speaker lead wire has to withstand unimaginable vibration,thus you need a lead wire of excellent quality to avoid problem of wire breaking.


Try our special multi-strand special multi-strand parallel which has advantages of good strength,good flexibility,high conductivity,etc.



Subwoofer lead wire



Installed in subwoofer,the speaker lead wire has to withstand the great tensile force applied to it.So how to make sure the wire is able to withstand the tensile force applied to it by the subwoofer while at the same time the wire is not broken or shake and tremble due to the vibration of the voice coil becomes our main consideration.


The braided lead wire researched and developed by Binchegn is especially designed for subwoofer .It can withstand extremely great tensile force applied to it while you dont need to worry that the wire would shake or tremble due to the vibration of the voice coil .

If your subwoofer has a narrow and shallow frame design,you msut try our series of stranded lead wire.The series of stranded wire Bincheng manufactures have low impedance,small outer diameter and excellent fatigue resistance.At the same time It can be processed in a narrow and small frame.


Speaker in extreme environment



From broadcaster in extremely hot desert to heavy industry speaker in freezing south pole.These speakers that work in rough conditions should deal with environment where temperature changes in an unimaginable way.Thats why we rigorously test our speaker wire with simulated condition of rough environment.


For example,we adopt high temperature and high moisture testing and salt spary testing to test our wire,so you dont need to worry that the wire would break in extreme environment.


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