Product Name:2 stands extremely fine copper tinsel wire
Copper tinsel wire is more durable than normal traditional stranded wire and Bincheng provides the best quality copper tinsel wire in industry.We will exert ourselves to satisfy your need of copper tinsel wire.

Product description:


The raw material of copper tinsel wire


Based on the principle that customers needs and application of copper tinsel wire are in first place.And we provide various kinds of copper material to our customers for they to choose.No matter bare copper or silver plated copper alloy we have everything you need.



Textile core


The fiber core is the axis of the whole copper tinsel wire.It withstands the force applied to the whole wire.Without the textile core,copper tinsel wire will be as weak as normal copper wire.Bincheng applies fibers made by American Dupont and Japanese Emperor to our copper tinsel wire.And we are also designing new textile product hoping to research and develop new product of better performance.



Construction of copper tinsel wire


The three most common structures of copper tinsel wire are constructed by wrapping,stranding or braiding.But if copper tinsel wire of common structure couldnt satisfy the needs of our customers we will research and develop copper tinsel wire of new structure for our customers,for example,the series of stranded internal and braided external wire.Apart from this,we also improve the durability of  the wire of speicial structure constructed by our self-research and develop machine.





The surface treatment of copper tinsel wire


For we know in the place where the wire is installed our products will encounter many situation due to uncontrollable factors.And we also know the importance of the surface treatment thus we offer various surface treatment to satisfy your need.The most basic wire surface treatment can effectively prevent oxidation and provide lubrication to improve the elastic performance of wire.The surface treatment also make the wire flame retardant and self-extinguishing.




Cutting and tin immersion


Bincheng offers precise cutting and tin immersion service.We make sure the process is precisely done after you tell us your requirement of the length of the wire to be cut and tin dipped.


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